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 Pebblebed  Pottery



Pebblebed Pottery, near Sidmouth in East Devon offers workshops and classes.

All equipment and tools are available to start or develop your exploration of clay, and to hone your skills in throwing and hand building.

One to one tuition and group experiences can be booked on request. 

About the Pottery

The Pebblebed Pottery at Hunger Hill in Newton Poppleford opened in November 2022 with the support of a grant from the Arts Council England. The grant has enabled us to renovate and equip the pottery. The funding we received has also given us the opportunity to offer funded pottery sessions  through organisations and stablished community groups.

If you are such a group/organisation and  think that his might be a helpful edition to the program you offer then please do get in touch. 

For further information e mail Chris Taylor at 



What's on..

New Saturday throwing course with Matt Calder starting 4th May for 4 weeks

click here for more info


Throwing Course with Sabine Nemet

Thursday 8th August – Sunday 11th August 2024


Timings: 9.30am to 5pm

I offer a 4 day, practice based throwing course aimed at beginners and intermediates who would like to expand their throwing skills.

This is an opportunity to learn new skills and brush up on essential techniques.

The forms that you are going to make are all based on the range of pots that I produce and have long experience in making. 

As the participant number is only 4 I will be able to give each person a good amount of one to one attention.


Day 1: Throwing mugs and throwing and altering oval bowls

Day 2: Handling mugs and finishing oval bowls

Day 3: Throwing lidded jars and throwing tall vases

Day 4: Finishing lidded jars and finishing tall vases

About Sabine


Sabine's pots are mainly thrown on the potters wheel, sometimes altered, cut and put together again.

Using clay bodies mixed by herself, she makes small series of mugs, jugs, lidded jars, bowls and much more. She fires her pots in a kiln for two days and one night entirely with wood to 1300 degree

At a high temperature she sprays bicarbonate of soda in the kiln to give each piece, along with the fly ash in the kiln, a unique character.   

Sabine completed an a three year apprenticeship as a potter in East Germany. She was then for the first time introduced to wood firing.

Since then, the excitement of staying up all night feeding an ever hungry kiln with wood, the direct impact of when and how much wood to put in the firebox, has never left her.

In 2000 she decided to travel to England to gain more experience in ceramics. She has met her partner Nic Collins, who is also a potter, here and in 2001 she moved to Devon permanently.

She likes her pots to be inviting to touch and handle on a daily basis in the kitchen and around the house.

Booking form

For further information please e mail Sabine here

Pebblebed Pottery


Hunger Hill,

Newton Poppleford



EX10 0BZ


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